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August 18, 2013 — 11:33 PM

On urban living and privilege

This evening as I came home from a full day of church and fun out and about I swung by my corner store to pick up an essential for my morning: orange juice.

This corner store, my corner store, is my go to place for those essential things that are needed at times in between the big shops at the big grocery store blocks away from my place. I don't go to my corner store much but it's nice to know that it's there when I need it.

What's more, this corner store is run by a family who has owned it for years. They own the corner. Not just by the fact that they run the store that occupies it. But more so by the fact that they hang outside it as they smoke their cigarettes and watch the neighborhood throughout the hours that the store is open. So many times I have been struck by the feeling that I am safer in my neighborhood because they are there watching all that happens. As a single woman this is invaluable to me.

This evening as I bought my orange juice I realized that the man ringing me up was the same man that I saw hanging outside this morning as I made my way to my morning worship service. He has been there all day. And he still had a smile on his face for me as I came to pay him for my goods. Amazing.

This evening I am humbled by people like him who work long hours and keep my neighborhood safe by his mere presence. He reminds me of the real privilege that I experience in my daily life. Let me never forget it.


May 15, 2013 — 1:04 PM

The times they are a changin'

Moments ago I sent this message to the San Francisco Theological Seminary community:

Dear SFTS community.

I write to you today to let you know that I will be leaving the SFTS community. I have been a member of this community since the fall of 2001 when I came as a junior in the M. Div. degree program. I was delighted to return in January of 2007 to be a member of the staff. I have truly enjoyed my work here and have grown in my ministry and sense of call in ways I never anticipated. I feel that it is now time to seek my second call and to stretch myself in new and different ways. I look forward to participating in the Baccalaureate service and walking in the Commencement activities next week. Due to planned vacation time, my final day in the office will be Friday, 24 May 2013. I will do all I can to ensure a smooth transition for the students and the staff.

Many blessings,
Rev. Leslie Veen
Director of Field Education & Placement
San Francisco Theological Seminary



On urban living and privilege

The times they are a changin'

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